forced fatherhood

Fathers of minor children in Georgia have legal options they can pursue in order to be granted court-ordered rights to their children, such as legitimation or custody actions. However, even fathers who don’t want to be involved with their biological children can have some responsibilities forced upon them by the courts. This most commonly comes in the form of child support.

Low cost divorce options and alternatives

Divorce proceedings can range in price from as little as a thousand dollars for an uncontested divorce to as much as $15,000 and $30,000 for the average contested divorce. According to a recent survey by Martindale-Nolo research, the average Georgia divorce cost is $14,700, most of which goes to legal fees.

Georgia’s Putative Father Registry and Father’s Rights

In Georgia, the putative father registry is a statewide listing containing information about men who may be the biological father of a child. The registry includes men who have registered themselves as potential biological parents (but not “legal” fathers) as well as fathers who have signed acknowledgment forms for children born out of wedlock. Under Georgia law, birth fathers, even if they are unwed and have yet to prove paternity, have significant rights over their children, including input into whether or not they can be adopted and the opportunity to seek custody rights.

are divorce records public?

The formerly married hosts of a television show, Flip or Flop, recently surprised fans by deciding to continue working on their show together despite the end of their marriage. The couple became yet another example of a high-profile divorce consuming the news and the minds of curious third parties eager to know the private details of the dissolved marriage.