Divorce Counseling and Therapy: Which Do You Need?

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How Does Adultery Factor Into a Divorce in Georgia?

Any claim of adultery must be substantiated. If you suspect infidelity, with the aid of effective counsel, it may have a significant impact on the outcome of the case, making it essential and of vital importance to the overall case strategy. Schedule a Consultation Divorce Services Is My Spouse Cheating? What are Some Signs of […]

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When is a Marriage Irretrievably Broken?

Prior to getting a divorce, you will need to establish exactly why your marriage is no longer viable. The reason for your divorce is typically referred to as “grounds for divorce” and is cited in the filing. Some reasons for a divorce filing are adultery, desertion, and abuse. However, it is possible to file for […]

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What to Do When Considering Divorce in Georgia

When considering divorce in Georgia, there are a few specific things you will want to do before you file any documents with the court. By addressing some issues prior to filing, you may find that the process of divorce is easier and less stressful. It is also important that you protect yourself, because not every […]

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Georgia Discovery Process: What to Know for Your Divorce

Beginning a divorce can be intimidating and stressful for all parties. As you start the divorce process, your divorce attorney may introduce you to the concept of “discovery” as a way to obtain pertinent information from the other party. The discovery process enables a party to the lawsuit to request information from the other party […]