Who Pays For The Attorney Fees In The Divorce?


Rule NISI: What You Need to Know When Being Served and Responding

In Georgia, the concept of "Rule Nisi" holds significant weight, defining the imperative principle of 'showing cause' in legal proceedings. Let’s look into the multifaceted impact, offering practical insights and essential guidelines tailored to the Georgia legal framework. From understanding the fundamental meaning of Rule Nisi to navigating temporary, motion, and final hearings, this exploration […]

what can be used against you in a divorce

What Can Be Used Against You In a Divorce In the Age of AI

In Georgia family law, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly affecting divorce cases. Nowadays, AI technology is changing how evidence is gathered and analyzed, especially in divorces. This blog post discusses how AI plays a crucial role in finding and examining digital traces, highlighting how these traces can be used against people in divorces. It explores […]

no fault divorce

Challenging Popular Misconceptions of ‘No Fault’ Divorce

In family law, the concept of 'no fault' divorce has sparked widespread misunderstandings, often clouding the realities of legal dissolution. This blog post aims to discuss into the intricacies of 'no fault' divorce, shedding light on its true meaning and unraveling the misconceptions that surround it. By exploring the specific misconceptions highlighted in the current […]