What is Separate Property?

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Grounds for Divorce in Georgia

When considering divorce, it’s important to understand the different grounds for divorce in Georgia. Not only should you know what type of grounds you will be filing for divorce, each instance presents a different set of expectations, possibilities, and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at common grounds for divorce, what they entail, and how […]

Calculating Finances

How Much is a Divorce in Georgia?

Although some people may assume there is an average cost of divorce in Georgia, the cost actually varies based on the circumstances of the case in question. While there is no set cost, it’s still important to make sure you understand how you can prepare for and calculate the financial cost of a divorce. Our […]

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Divorce Counseling and Therapy: Which Do You Need?

Counseling and therapy is a useful tool for many individuals facing everyday challenges or for those who are dealing with a major life event or trauma. Counseling or therapy is a great option for individuals who are going through a divorce, experiencing marital problems, or those who are unsure about whether they want to make […]

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How Does Adultery Factor Into a Divorce in Georgia?

Any claim of adultery must be substantiated. If you suspect infidelity, with the aid of effective counsel, it may have a significant impact on the outcome of the case, making it essential and of vital importance to the overall case strategy. Schedule a Consultation Divorce Services Is My Spouse Cheating? What are Some Signs of […]