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What to Consider When Marrying Someone with Children

If you are contemplating marriage to a person who has children from another relationship, there are many factors to consider. Among them are your current and future relationship with those children, the effect on child support, whether or not you want to adopt the children, estate planning adjustments, and the likely loss of alimony. Child […]

malicious mother’s syndrome

Parental Alienation: How to Handle Malicious Parent Syndrome in Court

There is no question that discussing and going through divorce and child custody issues can be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, these interactions result in one parent becoming embittered and taking it out on the other parent through what is known as “parental alienation,” a situation also known as “malicious mother’s syndrome” or “malicious parent syndrome.” […]

Called Off Your Engagement

Your Boyfriend Called Off Your Engagement: Do You Know What Your Rights are?

Georgia courts no longer recognize common law marriages. They do, according to one relatively new case, find that having a long-time significant other and an engagement can be considered a legally binding contract, creating a liability for one party if he or she chooses to leave the relationship, also called a breach of promise to […]

Open Marriage in Georgia

What to Know About Open Marriage in Georgia

The New York Times published a piece that shared the experiences of couples practicing open marriages. It sparked serious discussions about non-monogamous unions. The article challenged the traditional paradigm of marriage and explored the concept of people in open marriages being happier overall. More recently, a family from Georgia made international headlines after sharing the […]