Visitation Rights

In Georgia child custody cases in which joint physical custody is not shared, one parent may have primary custody while the other has visitation. This may be due to the children’s ages, where the parents live, or in response to the non-custodial parent’s work schedule or lifestyle. Visitation rights often include provisions for mid-week visits, overnight stays on the weekend, and extended visitation over holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions.

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Supervised Visitation

In cases in which the parent’s lifestyle or behavior is called into question by the court or in cases involving domestic violence, the judge may opt to order supervised visitation as a way to ensure the children’s safety. In determining the best interests of the children, the judge may use their own discretion to implement additional boundaries, such as requiring counseling and random drug and alcohol testing.

Under the Georgia Code (O.C.G.A. 19-9-7), supervised visitation may be held in a protected setting, such as at an approved child care agency or treatment center, and may be supervised by trained personnel at the agency or center. Provided supervised visitation goes according to schedule and the parent complies with other court specifications, he or she may eventually be approved for more flexible visitation rights.

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