August 2022 Newsletter

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Summer was perhaps too long for many parents but too short for most kids. Regardless, we at SM&P pushed through the heat and seasonal temptations to stay on top of our cases and do what’s best for our clients. Unfortunately, that MAY require we bow to COVID once again and take the precautions needed to minimize exposure. We will do what is needed to that end.

We are proud and grateful to be celebrating the tenth work anniversary of one of our valuable team members this summer. Catch up with Lynn Congdon as she reminisces about her years at the firm and the changes she has seen here.

Again, we reached out to help our community via one of our own veterans. She helped serve breakfast to the homeless through the Cobb County’s Veterans Treatment and Accountability Court’s service project organized by MUST Ministry. Read about how and why we continue to support MUST.

We find ourselves frequently bragging about the natural beauty of our Atlanta area and the many opportunities it brings for outside activities. Get a glimpse of how the SM&P staff takes advantage of the great outdoors at home and around the rivers, lakes, and hills of our bit of Georgia heaven.

The attorney featured in this month’s Spotlight is Nauman Siddique. Find out why his qualifications and experience could make him the perfect lawyer for you and the unique circumstances of your case.

Although we have no major holidays to celebrate in August, we can observe World Humanitarian Day on August 19. Also, please remember that Labor Day is just around the corner. Our offices will be closed that day, September 5th, but our phone lines will be open to assist our clients and community needing our legal support.

Community News

SM&P Celebrates Lynn Congdon’s 10th Anniversary with the Firm

We are honored beyond our wildest imagination that we are celebrating Executive Assistant – Legal Lynn Congdon’s 10th anniversary at SM&P this July. She has been vital to the practice’s growth and reputation as one of the best family law firms in Georgia.

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Local Veterans Accountability Court Supports MUST Ministries with Breakfast

Approximately 20 participants, judges, staff, and mentors from the Cobb County Veterans Treatment and Accountability Court provided a sumptuous breakfast for more than 65 residents – men and women — of MUST Ministry recently.

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SM&P Staff Enjoy Atlanta’s Great Outdoors

Anyone who has visited or lived in the Atlanta area knows that our climate and natural beauty are well-known and loved. We have short winters and many months of warmer weather allowing time to grow a wide variety of plants and to observe Nature in her full finery.

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Featured Attorney

Nauman Siddique

Originally from the Atlanta area, Nauman attended Emory University. After graduating from a Florida law school, he worked as a public defender. “I believe everyone deserves the best legal representation, whatever their situation,” he said. Nauman rejoined the private sector and dedicated himself to the exclusive practice of family law.

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Recent Content

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

One of the first questions you may have is how long a divorce takes if you plan to file for divorce or if your spouse has already decided to file. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. The length of time a divorce takes is dependent on several factors, and it can also vary from state to state.