SM&P Celebrates Lynn Congdon’s 10th Anniversary with the Firm

We are honored beyond our wildest imagination that we are celebrating Executive Assistant – Legal Lynn Congdon’s 10th anniversary at SM&P this July. She has been vital to the practice’s growth and reputation as one of the best family law firms in Georgia.

“There were only about ten of us when I started,” she said. “I was the third paralegal. And now we have more than 70 total staff members! We just had the one location – Marietta – and now we have seven around the Atlanta metro area.

“I still remember my interview,” said Lynn. “I was so nervous but hopeful that this would be my final landing spot after moving with my husband Jon from Cleveland, Ohio to Woodstock, Georgia. A co-worker at my last firm, whose daughter-in-law used to be a lawyer in Marietta, highly recommended SM&P. So, I sent in my resume and crossed my fingers!”

Lynn’s good luck was the firm’s good fortune. According to Mary Montgomery, the firm’s founding and managing partner, Lynn is her rock. “Our attorneys are in the limelight and get much credit for their victories in and out of court,” Mary said. “But they will all tell you that the value of a competent paralegal is critical to their successes. Lynn is exceptional in her attention to detail, and that’s required in our field.”

“That’s why we trust her to train other staff to provide the highest quality work for us attorneys and, in turn, our clients,” said partner Randy Sabatini. “She is a real treasure and we all appreciate her.”

“I have loved working here,” Lynn said, “and truly feel that SM&P provides the best service to our clients. As we have grown, we’ve continued to work hard for our clients. Our firm has kept up with technology changes, allowing us to produce a better work product, streamline document storage, and aid in the efficiency of our teams. Most importantly, our commitment to our clients remains solid.”

“I am thankful for everyone I have worked with all these years,” said Lynn. “I still enjoy coming to work each day. I am also thankful for the trust given to me by Mary and the partners, allowing me to grow in my career and to use my skills in my current position as executive assistant to help the attorneys and legal staff with whatever they need. And, after moving around the country for years, ‘I found my true home in Georgia.’”