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Divorce is hard on families. It means big changes, sometimes moving and almost always confusion for children. Children want to know they are safe and that mommy and daddy are going to be there for them. It gets harder to keep up a comfortable routine when families split and this can be hard for children to understand. This is why it is important for you to discuss divorce with your children and what they can expect.


The holidays are a time for everyone to gather together and celebrate. However, if you have children and have recently gone through, or are currently going through a divorce or separation, this can be a challenging time. It’s hard to make a decision on where children should celebrate, how to handle gifts on a single parent budget and how to keep this season happy and bright for them during such a difficult transition.


If you are planning to file for a Georgia divorce, keep in mind these five tips to help set you on the right path in 2015 and move forward with your new life

The New Year is about making a fresh start and turning your life around. Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions meant getting in shape, quitting smoking, or looking for a new career. For others, the New Year can be a much more dramatic and life-changing decision, such as divorce. 

Believe it or not, the month of January results in the most amount of divorces and it is likely to increase in the years ahead. Couples divorcing in the new year put on a brave face through the holidays for the sake of family. The new year provides an opportunity for a clean slate and positive move away from a negative relationship.


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