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3 Common Divorce Myths: Cheating, Contested Divorces, and Courts’ Preference for Women

Many myths about divorce circulate as truth—to the point that many people assume outcomes ahead of time that just aren’t true. The most damaging myths pertain to assumptions about finances and supposed biases that judges and courts will hold against the other spouse. Here are three particularly damaging myths that we often hear as we help our clients.


Will Sexting Penalize Me in a Divorce Case?

With the mobile revolution, it’s become easier for people in relationships to communicate with each other—including in racy, sexy ways. The term “sexting” includes sexual communication expressed in text messages, mobile photos, and even mobile videos. However, sexting often becomes a worry when people are going through a divorce.


When going through a divorce, families oftentimes contemplate how it will affect their children. Counseling is a way in which children can find a voice for their feelings and a way of coping with everything that is changing in their lives. However, not everyone wishes to put their children through counseling, whether it is coming from one parent, both parents, or a third party; can it be forced upon them?


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