What are the Ramifications for Breaking an Engagement in Georgia?

In life, events do not always go according to plan and that can be the case with an engagement. What happens after you and your significant other call off your engagement? Apart from the emotions, recovery, and losing the deposits to the caterers, florists, dress makers, and wedding planner, this key question always comes to mind: Who gets to keep the engagement ring as well as other gifts that were received?

Georgia Laws and Viewpoints Regarding Engagements

In Georgia, engagements are not a state-recognized legal status and Georgia’s legal code is silent on broken engagements. Legal ownership of engagement rings and gifts must be found in Georgia law under gift law. Because Georgia is silent on broken engagements, cases that are complex and involve a large sum of money and property will be taken to court and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Who Gets The Ring if You Part Ways?

Under Georgia law, valid gifts must meet three qualifications: the giver must have meant to give it, the recipient must accept it, and the gift itself must be delivered. However, many courts like the State of Georgia look at an engagement ring as a conditional gift.

In this case and often enough, an engagement ring that is given in contemplation of marriage generally must be returned to the person who gave the engagement ring if the marriage did not occur. As mentioned, more complex cases beyond the engagement ring will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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