Six Helpful Tips to Win a Georgia Legal Case

Recently, our associate attorney, Jenni Brown, discussed the importance of preparing a timeline of events before a consultation or immediately after retaining a lawyer. While there are many reasons to prepare a timeline, Jenni discusses six benefits and tips of having a timeline of your case:

  1. Express all issues. A timeline allows the client to express the issues they have and their importance.
  2. Prepare a list of concerns. Compiling a list of concerns in advance ensures that no issue is missed.
  3. The attorney knows every detail. It gives the attorney a full understanding of the client’s story (how they got to where they are, what events have occurred over the years, what issues need to be addressed immediately). In addition, this allows the attorney to see the big picture and focus on what is important to the client and present those concerns and facts to the judge.
  4. Ensures transparency is evident. A client’s credibility is always under scrutiny. The more transparent a client can be about the timeline of events, the more likely important facts will not be misrepresented. An attorney will use your timeline for strategy. Stick to nothing but the facts and try to leave out the “he said, she said.” The more factual, the better. 
  5. Lowers your attorney’s fees. A timeline can cut costs down if the client is prepared and organized. Having a client prepare a timeline pushes them to be organized and truly think about what’s important to them.
  6. Easy for clients to prepare. A client can prepare their timeline by simply typing it out in Microsoft Word or Excel, or writing it in a notebook. At Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor, after you submit your timeline, it is saved to your electronic file. 

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