Georgia Family Law – Contempt of Court

When a Family Law Case comes to an end, each party is required by law to follow their Georgia court order. The most common forms of contempt of court include:

  • Unpaid child support
  • Ignoring parenting schedule
  • Denying visitation
  • Failure to comply with property divisions
  • Failure to pay financial obligations

If either party is found in contempt of their court order they can face the below sanctions:

  • Court order to pay all or partial payment owed
  • Ordered to pay a fine for each violation and/or the attorney fees of the other party
  • Imprisonment for a indefinite period of time.

What is Contempt of Court in Georgia?

Contempt of court is an order that comes into play when a person has directly violated a court’s direction and authority. Typically, it is a tool that judges use to impose penalties on individuals who have disobeyed a direct order from the court.

If you are looking to file contempt of court against your ex spouse or if you are in contempt of court it is important to contact an experienced Family Law Attorney to understand your rights and the contempt process.