Four Vital Tips for Ensuring a Good Relationship with Your Family Law Attorney

In a situation where you need to hire an attorney, it is important to establish good rapport with your lawyer and right from the get-go ensure you feel comfortable sharing all details about your case, confident they will fully represent you, and will fight to win your case and protect your rights.

Here are four vital tips to ensure a healthy and strong relationship with your family law attorney.

1. Communicate All The Time

Communication has got to be the most significant attribute and cannot be ignored. Always remain in communication with your attorney, no matter how small you think it may be. Communicating to your attorney will ensure any details are not left out and the risk of losing your case lessens. If you feel your attorney is not being responsive enough, tell them. Caring and experienced family law attorneys want clients for the long-term and will appreciate constant feedback.

2. Ensure Your Attorney Understands Your Case

Whether it’s a case of domestic violence or a Georgia divorce, make sure your attorney understands your case inside and out. Develop a list of questions before your initial meeting and during the first consultation, ask your family law attorney those questions. Consider the following questions to ask:

  • Have you ever taken a case like mine?
  • Can you walk me through the process of my case?
  • What is your success rate on these types of cases?
  • What makes you different from other Atlanta attorneys?

By having your attorney answer these questions without hesitation, will confirm they can fully represent you, and ensure a comfortable relationship.

3. Tell Your Attorney Everything

In Georgia, the attorney-client privilege applies and this protects you from your attorney sharing information to a third-party, unless given your permission. Therefore, tell your attorney all aspects and details about your case so they can get all the facts straight and have a plan of action ready. As mentioned, communicating these details will ensure no details are left out, and you don’t risk losing your case.

4. Trust Your Attorney

Lastly, a healthy and strong relationship with anyone is built through trust. Your attorney is hired to protect you and provide you the highest level of representation and respect. If you find yourself not trusting your attorney, then it’s a definite signal for you to either end the relationship or tell them and determine a plan for remedying the relationship. As the client, this is your future you’re putting into someone else’s hand. It’s a definite deal breaker if you cannot trust your attorney.

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