5 Tips To Get Through Your First Holiday Alone

The first holiday season after a divorce or separation can be difficult. Now that you’re not with your ex, the holiday parties and events you have been attending for years have suddenly changed. Going through the holidays alone requires good planning, a good attitude, and realistic expectations. Through the eyes and first hand experiences of our clients, here is a short list of tips to help you have a happy and enjoyable holiday season.  

5 Tips From SMP Clients to Survive the Holiday After Divorce

1. Make plans with family and friends. Make plans with close friends and loved ones to avoid spending time at home alone. Make sure that you don’t have free time where you may end up thinking about your ex;

2. Avoid sentimental places. Avoid visiting places where you have holiday memories with your ex;

3. Keep your children’s best interests in mind. If you and your ex have kids, plan for them to spend time with both you and your ex. Ensuring that they get quality time with both parents over the holidays has a positive effect on your children’s well being and the level of cooperation with your ex;

4. Take a vacation. Get away from all the people and places that remind you of your ex and your previous life. Taking a vacation will give you the opportunity to relax and forget about all the drama and difficulty that came with your divorce and separation; 

5. Count your blessings. Always remember that things could be worse. No matter how bad the divorce was, you still have something to be thankful for. Be thankful for what you have and take a positive outlook on your situation and the holidays. Be optimistic; you never know what the holiday and New Year may bring to you. 

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