Parental Alienation

In child custody disputes, when one parent demeans the other or keeps him or her from seeing the children, parental alienation can occur. This type of behavior can escalate to the point of causing parental abandonment and is a factor the court will consider when making custody determinations.

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Parental Alienation and Parental Abandonment

In cases in which divorced or unmarried couples hold hard feelings toward each other, these attitudes can easily be conveyed toward the children. This can lead to parental alienation, harming the parent/child relationship. These attitudes can also be a force in pushing the other parent towards parental abandonment.

It is in the children’s best interests to have both parents play an active and engaged role in their lives. Under Section 19-9-3 of the Georgia Code, not taking the steps necessary to encourage a healthy relationship between the other parent and your children, causing parental alienation, could negatively impact your rights to custody and visitation during court proceedings.

These cases can be the most difficult to prove. It takes careful planning and preparation. Hiring an experienced attorney can make a difference.

Our Atlanta Child Custody Attorneys Help Fight Back Against Parental Alienation

If you are in a situation in which your ex is taking actions to cause parental alienation between you and your children, it is important to reach out and contact Stearns-Montgomery and Proctor right away. We can arrange a consultation with our Atlanta child custody attorneys to discuss the actions you can take to defend yourself and your relationship with your children. With offices in Marietta, Alpharetta, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Fayetteville, and Johns Creek, we are available to help you anytime. Call or contact us online today.