What Does Rule Nisi Mean in Georgia Divorce Cases?

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Not every Georgia divorce is the same. It is easy for a seemingly simple divorce proceeding to become surprisingly complicated. Prior to resolving a divorce, initial hearings may be required to establish certain parameters so that the couple can continue to manage their lives separately while still legally married. Individuals with children or joint property that must be shared often end up attending temporary hearings in Georgia. If you are a state resident who expects your divorce to have issues, then learning what Rule Nisi means is in your best interest.

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Rule Nisi in Georgia

In many Georgia counties, a Rule Nisi is usually a divorce case hearing date. The term “Rule Nisi” means “to show cause.” Its purpose is to notify an opposing party that a hearing is going to occur. Giving the other party notice allows them to prepare for the hearing so that they can adequately respond or defend themselves, as needed. Rule Nisi can be used to describe temporary hearings, motion hearings, and, in some counties, even final hearings.

What Happens if I am Served with a Rule Nisi?

If your spouse requests that a hearing take place in your divorce proceeding, then you will be served with a Rule Nisi. Being served gives you and your attorney an opportunity to prepare for a hearing. You or your attorney must file an answer to the complaint, and you must attend any hearing scheduled. Failing to attend the hearing means a judgment will be made in your absence. Perhaps most importantly, ignoring a court hearing makes a bad first impression and could impact your court case.

Responding to a Rule Nisi

After you have been served with a Rule Nisi, do not panic. Hearings are a normal part of divorce. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can respond to the summons without negatively affecting your case. The divorce attorneys at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor understand how overwhelming being served with any divorce-related summons is. We are able to use our years of legal experience to provide you with the representation you need at your hearing and through every step of your divorce case. Contact us to schedule a consultation at our conveniently located offices today so that we can begin reviewing your legal needs.