Top 6 Rules on Seeing Your Ex After a Separation

Seeing your ex post-separation is never easy, even with the most amicable of breakups.

When dealing with this transition, you might want to cut off contact completely but sometimes seeing your ex is necessary or inevitable.

The attorneys a Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor understand that this is often a difficult issue for their clients. To help you navigate this stressful and sometimes awkward time, we have developed a list of helpful rules to keep in mind when seeing your ex. 

When seeing your ex in public:

  1. Keep it civil and respectful. You might not want to be friends after a divorce but keeping your interactions civil and respectful will make it easier to communicate with each other when necessary.
  2. Know why you’re there. Remind yourself why you are seeing each other and stay focused on that. When you have children, you often have to see your ex for their events. It’s important to keep your attention on the purpose of the event.
  3. Don’t panic. Keep calm and remember that with time, it will get easier.
  4. Don’t seek revenge. While you may feel hurt or wronged, “getting even” or bad mouthing your ex ultimately hurts you more in the end. You’ll be much happier spending your energy on moving forward and with people who you love.
  5. Stand Your Ground. There’s a reason that you’re no longer together, don’t forget what that reason is. Stand firm in your decision and commit to moving forward.
  6. Record the interaction only when absolutely necessary. Some client’s insist on running a video recorder even when the contact is brief. If you are concerned and insist upon video recording the contact, use a third person to do so. You need to stay focused on why you are there and leave as quickly as possible.

Staying aware of what’s important is the key to handling interactions with your ex post-separation. These rules will encourage you to focus on what’s best for you and your family.

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