Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Whether it’s fighting for child custody, alimony, or the division of assets, there are certain rights worth fighting for. When you only get one shot at something, it’s important to do it right.

That’s why it’s better to avoid making any mistakes, and let a lawyer handle your divorce in Georgia.

According to the CDC, 20% of first marriages will end in separation or divorce during the first 5 years. Within 10 years, the percentage increases to 48%. With such a dramatic increase, it’s becoming more important to secure your future. It’s better to be proactive than reactive when getting a divorce in Georgia because a professional will make sure your legal rights are protected.

Here are the three key benefits of hiring a divorce and family law attorney:

1. So that you have an objective sounding board to help make your decisions. They say going through a divorce is worse than a death. Divorce lawyers are trained professionals that handle these situations on a daily basis, and their expertise will benefit your case.

2. So you don’t settle early. Settling early might cause you to overlook something. How do you know that your early settlement will benefit you? This is the type of question a lawyer will know how to answer.

3. Establishing a clear and binding agreement. Getting a divorce in Georgia is a complex process, and the legal documents you’ll receive are just as complex. These documents can be very overwhelming and can increase your chances of overlooking certain details.

A divorce lawyer’s main responsibility is to protect your rights. Without one, you’re defenseless and increasing the possibility of the best outcome possible. You could represent yourself to save some money but the old saying goes, “He/She who represents him/herself has a fool for an attorney”. There is a cost to hiring a lawyer, but these costs don’t compare to not having a lawyer.

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