Tips for Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Going through a divorce is tough on everyone involved, including kids. For many divorce is an unfamiliar territory that is scary and filled with emotions. Kids often don’t understand divorce and are unsure about what lies ahead for them. With help from these tips, you can feel more confident about making this tough time easier for your child.

  • Prepare Yourself: Before sitting down to talk with your kids about your divorce practice what you’re going to say. Prepare yourself for the tough questions your kids may ask and how you are going to answer them. Read more preparation tips.
  • You can also help prepare for talking with your kids by talking to professionals and reading books on the subject beforehand.
  • Encourage them to ask questions: Keep the line of communication open with them and understand that everything is not going to be solved after one conversation. Encourage them to ask questions when they feel the need and stay positive when talking about the divorce.
  • Keep as much normalcy as possible: It is important to keep as much structure and routine as possible. Have conversations about the changes that are going to occur and present them gradually to your child.
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  • Encourage their relationship with the other parent: While it may be difficult for some it is important for you to encourage your child to stay close with your ex-spouse. A child may feel like they have to take sides during a divorce, so be sure to reinforce that both parents still love them and are going to be there for them.

Note: Some of these tips are helpful to know for child custody as well.