The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce Law in the State of Georgia

Recently our two Associate Attorneys, Jenni Brown (Marietta) and Randy Sabatini (Alpharetta) became certified to practice collaborative law cases from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. 

When it comes to divorce proceedings, collaborative law involves both spouses working with a team of professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and counselors to settle all aspects of their divorce in good faith by a written agreement. 

During the collaborative process both parties enter a contract promising to not go to court and begin standard litigation. The collaborative professionals schedule meetings and work as a team to figure out what’s best for the family unit. 

Collaborative divorce law is a growing practice in the State of Georgia, but is not well known. Some attorneys may push to fight for their client in court, but fighting in Court depletes assets and may not be in the best interest of the family especially when the case involves minor children.

What’s the Benefit of Collaborative Law?

When we asked Jenni about the benefits of going through the collaborative process, she commented, “Collaborative law is a great idea and it has positive lasting effects on clients post-divorce. The goal of collaborative law is to work together as a unit to determine what is in the best interest of the family. The professionals work together to reach the best solution for the children and parents as well as figuring out how two households will be able to survive on the same income in which one household previously functioned. If both parties are willing to try collaborative law it can benefit the entire family for years. Divorce is a stressful process and utilizing collaborative law affords the clients’ the ability to work together to reach a resolution without the stress and expense of going through the standard litigation process.”

Additional benefits of collaborative divorce law include:

  • Cost effective when compared to a contested divorce
  • Creative solutions for the divorce
  • Less time spent in litigation and preparing for trial
  • Less stress

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Divorce is both an ending and a beginning. Our team of collaborative law professionals can help each spouse anticipate their needs in moving forward in their lives. Especially when children are involved, collaborative law ensures their future is number one priority. To further discuss your divorce and understand your options, schedule a consultation with the team at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor today at 678-971-3413 or complete a contact form