The 5 Most Common Signs of an Imminent Divorce

It can be difficult to tell when a marriage is over and headed towards divorce. You may think that the relationship will improve after some time, but being blindsided by your spouse’s suggestion of a divorce may lead to behavior that could hurt you during the divorce proceedings. Our family law attorneys have come up with a list of five warning signs that make it apparent when a divorce is on the horizon.

Five Warning Signs Your Spouse is Considering Divorce

  1. Change in frequency of sex. If a lack of affection has become commonplace in your relationship, the end of the marriage may be on its way to avoid interaction and quality time together. 
  2. Your spouse becomes secretive. You and your spouse have always been honest and open about everything, but that openness seems to suddenly disappear. If your spouse has become secretive about their finances, plans, as well as time spent away from home, it may be a telltale sign that something is not quite right. 
  3. Your spouse starts moving money. Suddenly, your spouse decides to establish a personal emergency account. You check the family savings account and the amounts have changed. Since divorce proceedings can be long-winded and difficult, your spouse, planning on a divorce, may move money in order to be better prepared for separation. The fact that the departing spouse may decide to shave off money for the upcoming separation, including moving costs, attorneys fees, and a loss of shared income are daunting prospects. This is also a sure sign that divorce or at least separate maintenance is on their mind. 
  4. Your spouse is constantly angry at you. If you get the feeling of constant anger or disdain from your spouse, the waters are already rough. When love fades, sometimes it may seem that there is still a chance for the relationship to be successful. However, when feelings of anger or dislike exist in a marriage, the chances of repairing them are slim. 
  5. Your spouse hasn’t been home much lately. Has your spouse been spending a lot of time away from home? Avoiding home life is a sure sign that the marriage isn’t enjoyable anymore. If your partner is no longer happy in the marriage, divorce is most likely the next option they will consider. 

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