Saving Time & Expense in Divorce, Part 3: Checklist

Part III of our ‘Saving Time & Expense’ course, lays out a simple, albeit important checklist, in ways to save time and money during your divorce case.

Part III – Saving Time & Expense in Divorce: Checklist

  1. Make a Wish List & Give it to your Attorney
  2. Use Support Staff (Paralegals, etc.) as much as Possible
  3. Ask your Attorney how to Save Time & Money
  4. Organize Your Thoughts Prior to Calling
  5. Make Your Owns Copies for Parties Included in Case
  6. Organize Your Discovery Responses
  7. Prepare a Timeline/History of Marriage
  8. Use the Forms Provided by Attorney
  9. Get a Counselor/Therapist
  10. Ask to Record Your Conversations
  11. Settle Your Case