Making a Positive Impression in Divorce Court

While you may not think so, the judge in your divorce case is carefully watching your every move in court. It is important to be knowledgeable about the divorce process as well as how to behave while in the courtroom to insure you make the best impression on the judge as possible.

1. Dress professionally: Making a good first impression in the courtroom is an important part of the process. Walking into the courtroom in professional dress with minimal jewelry and make up shows you are taking the court seriously.

2. Turn off cell phones or other devices: Turning off your cell phone is another sign of respect for the courtroom, the judge and everyone’s time. If there are circumstances that require your cell phone or another device to be on be sure to have your divorce attorney explain the situation to the judge before court starts.

3. Be respectful: It is important to show the judge that you are an adult and can handle this process, while it may be tough, like an adult. It is important to not only show the judge respect during court but to also show him that you can be respectful and cordial to your ex while in the same room.

4. Be prepared: While the divorce process can sometimes become long and drawn out, it is important to stay organized and prepared throughout the entire process. Showing up to court without necessary paperwork or information needed only shows the judge you are not taking the divorce or his time seriously.

Hire an experienced Georgia divorce attorney to fully prepare you for your divorce case and court.