Limited Representation: Limiting Your Legal Fees in a Divorce Proceeding

For many Georgia residents, the cost of divorce can be overwhelming.  A reputable family law attorney should ultimately save money during the course of divorce proceedings, but many often sacrifice quality legal representation and blindly represent themselves in court when legal costs seem high upfront.

This year, the Cobb County judiciary took steps to encourage parties to seek some amount of legal help before their court dates.  The Cobb County Courts have had a problem with litigants entering the court with no legal knowledge, which causes delays and slows down proceedings. In an effort to keep the judiciary efficient, the Supreme Court of Georgia has attempted to clarify what Georgia attorneys can offer people in these situations.

Limited scope representation is a way for attorneys to offer their services on a less-broad basis. Instead of charging a retainer and taking on a case from start to finish, attorneys are now able to advise clients on how to proceed on a case-by-case basis. If a case is straight forward, an attorney may be able to guide a client through the paperwork and legal jargon without needing to represent the person for the entire duration of a case.  Limited scope representation can help empower litigants in their cases by putting them in touch with someone knowledgeable, and because the attorney is offering a limited service, the associated fees will be lower.

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