Life After Divorce: 3 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your Ex

You and your spouse are no longer happy together. You get a divorce and harsh accusations and dramatic battles are made during the process. You assumed your divorce was over, but with children involved, the battle has just begun. Depending on your situation, your children may still have a relationship with the other parent. That means you must interact with your ex, a tough prospect after all the drama that happened during the divorce process. Our divorce attorneys came up with a short list of 3 ways to effectively communicate with your ex post divorce.

How to Communicate With Your Ex After Divorce

  1. Remain calm.  As we discussed in a previous blog entry, ‘3 Golden Rules for Staying Calm During a Divorce,’ remaining calm during the entire divorce process is crucial to both the outcome of your case, your well-being, and your ability to move on with your life. Be realistic.  You may not be able to stay calm.  So bring someone with you who can help you.  Try to communicate over email or text so that you can think about what you are going to say before you say it.  Of course, be sure to have someone else review what you have written to ensure you take the sarcasm and cynicism out.  
  2. Forget the petty drama.  Making the decision to get a divorce can be frustrating and traumatic. Unfortunately, the divorce itself can cause drama. If you continue to create and feed off that drama, it will never end. For the sake of everyone’s happiness, leave the drama behind. 
  3. Remember what is really important.  Remember that you made the decision to get divorced because you believed it was the best decision for you and your family. It’s important to know that your kids will still have a relationship with your ex. Having open communication and establishing a civil relationship will be crucial to the well-being of your kids and moving forward in life. 

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