I Need A Court Order ASAP!

Not all divorces end on a happy note with both parents remaining friends and working together to raise a child. Some divorces can become a battle with one parent trying to outdo the other or trying to make the other look bad. During these types of heated divorces a temporary court order may be necessary.

A temporary court order will help regulate actions taken by either party during the divorce process until a final decision can be made. Below are the different types of temporary court orders that can be issued in Georgia:

  • Temporary Protective Orders – This type of order is similar to a restraining order, and is commonly used when one party has acted in a violent way during the divorce.
  • Temporary Child Custody Orders – When fighting over children occurs a temporary child custody order may be put in place to clearly define what the best situation is for the child until a final decision is made in court.
  • Temporary Child Support Orders – A child support order protects any children involved from not receiving necessary financial support from either party during a divorce.
  • Temporary Spousal Support Orders – This order is used primarily when the primary income earner no longer agrees to support the other spouse financially during a divorce.
  • Standing Orders – Standing orders help to clarify who is allowed to live in the residence and have access to specific cars and/or accounts during the divorce.
  • Temporary Order Not To Sell Assets – This type of court order keeps either spouse from selling any assets acquired throughout the marriage during the divorce process.

If you are considering any of the above options it is important to speak to an experienced divorce attorney before making any decisions.