How to Avoid Falling Into Disneyland Parent Syndrome

After two parents get divorced it is not uncommon for one of the parents to feel guilty and think they have to buy their child’s love and affection. In many cases it is the non-custodial parent who often feels this burden so that their child will look forward to their time together. Below are some tips to help from falling into what is commonly known as “Disneyland Parent Syndrome.”

  • Communicate – It is important for the non-custodial parent to call as much as possible. This lets the child know even though you can’t be around everyday, you are there for them and they can talk to you anytime of day still.
  • Be involved – Be sure to communicate with your ex spouse about any extra curricular activities the child may be involved in, birthday parties, or other activities. Don’t wait for an invite from your ex spouse to attend a sporting event or play.
  • The small things still matter – You don’t have to buy you child a lavish present every time they come visit for them to enjoy their time with you. The small things like leaving a note in their lunch and spending quality time with them when you are together will let your child know you still care about them.
  • Restrictions are needed – It will be natural for you to want to spoil your child if you haven’t seen them for an extended period of time but it is important to remember your child still needs boundaries when they are with you. Setting boundaries will help your child respect you instead of seeing you as just a friend.