Five Essential Tips For Divorcing in 2015

The New Year is about making a fresh start and turning your life around. Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions meant getting in shape, quitting smoking, or looking for a new career. For others, the New Year can be a much more dramatic and life-changing decision, such as divorce. 

Believe it or not, the month of January results in the most amount of divorces and it is likely to increase in the years ahead. Couples divorcing in the new year put on a brave face through the holidays for the sake of family. The new year provides an opportunity for a clean slate and positive move away from a negative relationship.

What You Need To Do To Plan For Your Georgia Divorce

If you are planning to file for a Georgia divorce, keep in mind these five tips to help set you on the right path in 2015 and move forward with your new life. 

1. Prepare a timeline. You will have to tell your story to your family law attorney. Preparing a timeline will ensure you have all the facts written down, lower the pressure and stress when you explain your issues to your attorney, and you and your attorney are prepared ahead of time for court.

2. Gather all necessary financial information. Gather all the necessary financial and legal documents including bank statements, tax forms, and any prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. 

3. Open your own accounts. Now that you’re on your own, you will need to establish your own accounts. This does not mean by solely opening a bank account, but also email accounts, bills, and social accounts that you and your ex shared. 

4. Be alert during the divorce process. It is not uncommon for your soon-to-be ex to hide assets, shift money, and seek vengeance as you part ways. Try to be civil and cooperative during the process. Open communication and compromise will be key to amicably settling divorce. As always, keep your eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity and unusual behavior from your ex. 

5. Build your divorce team. While you have your circle of family members and close friends, start building a professional team that will be on your side during your divorce. Your professional divorce team can include your attorney, colleagues, counselors, and even your doctor. 

While you build your divorce team, collaborative law may be another option to help you with your Georgia divorce. Click here to learn more about collaborative law and how an entire team of professionals can settle all aspects of divorce by a written agreement. In addition, they will help determine what’s best for a couple divorcing with children. 

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