Finding Help in Divorce Recovery Support Groups

Going through the breakup of a marriage and getting a divorce are traumatic events. Even if your split was amicable, it is still natural to find yourself experiencing strong feelings about what happened and a general fear of what the future might hold. Fortunately, divorce recovery is possible in a relatively short time, and there are plenty of divorce support groups available to help.

Divorce Recovery

When going through a divorce, it is important to realize what a potentially emotional and stressful time this can be. In addition to emotional issues surrounding the breakup of your marriage, you are likely dealing with some financial insecurity as you make the transition from living on two incomes to one, and you may have had to move out of your home into an unfamiliar place. Answering questions from concerned family members and dealing with fallout in your friendships is another common concern. If there were children involved, that is an additional issue, as you adjust to life as a single parent. The following tips may help you cope:

  • Acknowledge your feelings. Realize it is okay to feel sad, angry, depressed, or frustrated with the situation.
  • Give yourself a break. Go easy on the demands you are making on yourself during this period of adjustment. It is natural to feel less social and to want to spend some time on your own.
  • Realize you will recover. This period of adjustment will end, as will the complex feelings you are experiencing. Even if you are experiencing some financial insecurity at the moment, remind yourself that your situation will improve with time.
  • Get support. There is no need to go through this process alone. There are plenty of divorce support groups throughout the area where you can share your feelings and find encouragement from others in similar situations.

Divorce Support Groups in Georgia

Those who are having difficulty in adjusting to their new lifestyle are encouraged to look for divorce support groups either online or in their own area to help make the process easier. Through these types of groups, you can form friendships with those going through similar experiences, along with getting tips on healthy ways to cope.

Psychology Today offers a list of divorce recovery groups throughout Georgia, which range from loosely formed social groups to those with leaders trained in mental health offering a more structured format. There are also groups specifically focused on the needs of divorced parents, which can be valuable in helping your children go through and adjust to the many changes and feelings they are experiencing as well.

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