Common Questions Kids Ask During Divorce and Simple Answers

More than likely once the children find out mommy and daddy are getting a divorce they are going to start asking some questions. While answering these questions is not going to be easy we have put together some of the most commonly asked questions about divorce and some examples of responses you can give your children when these conversations come up.

  • Why are you and mommy getting a divorce? “Mommy and I disagree on some things that you won’t understand until you’re older. I know you are confused now but we can keep talking about it and one day you will understand.”
  • Do you still love daddy? This is a tough one.  Some say it is okay to say – “I still love your daddy but not the way I did when we got married. There are many kinds of love and your daddy and I don’t love each other the way we used to.”  I think the best approach is to keep your answer short with a simple “yes” and no explanation.
  • Will you guys get back together if I promise to be good? “You being good or not is not the reason mommy and daddy are getting divorced. All we want is you to keep being yourself because we love you just the way you are.”
  • Why did mommy leave us? “Mommy didn’t leave us. She doesn’t live in the house anymore but she will never leave you.”

You want to give your child an answer that satisfies their question without divulging too much information to your child. These are only suggested responses as every family’s situation is different.