Beware of Online Divorces

Many might decide that instead of going through all the trouble of finding a lawyer and going to court for the divorce process they will just jump online and be a hop, skip and jump away from being divorced. What many don’t know is that online divorces aren’t all they may be cracked up to be. Below are some things to look out for when considering an online divorce.

  • Fees: While you may think an online divorce will be cheaper, it is important to understand whichever spouse files the divorce online is the one that is going to be responsible for all the fees.
  • State laws till apply: Divorce laws are different in every state. Even when filing online all state divorce laws still apply.
  • Beware of scams: Just like everything else on the internet there are reliable sources and unreliable sources. Make sure you do your homework and you don’t just use the first source you come across.
  • Appearing in court: You might have chosen to do an online divorce so you didn’t have to appear in a courtroom at any point during the divorce.  It is important to understand that filing an online divorce does not mean you will never have to step foot in a courtroom. If you spouse contests any part of the divorce or doesn’t agree with every aspect of the divorce you will more than likely end up in court.

Instead of taking on the stress and complications of attempting to file an online divorce it is best to consult with an experience divorce attorney first.