All Your Georgia Divorce Options

Every divorce is different and requires special attention in different areas. There are a number of divorce options in Georgia to consider when going forward with the divorce process. Below is a break down of each option.

  • Contested Divorce or Litigated Divorce – If the two parties do not agree to the grounds or the terms of the divorce there is usually more of a battle as to any or all of the issues that arise during the proceedings.
  • Uncontested Divorce – An uncontested divorce is less difficult than a contested divorce and is filed as a no fault divorce in Georgia. There are multiple ways to dissolve a marriage in an uncontested manner including mediation.
  • Collaborative Divorce – Collaborative divorces include a team of professionals working together with you and your ex to settle the terms of the divorce. Collaborative divorces can go on for as long as necessary to settle any issues and are more focused on the needs of the individuals and any children than fighting.
  • Mediation – During mediation the parties in the divorce meet with a neutral third party to solve any remaining issues. Mediation generally is not an ongoing process and is relatively short. The mediator during mediation is not allowed to give legal advice or take sides during the process.
  • Arbitration – Arbitration also involves a third party to solve any remaining issues. The difference is during arbitration the third party is generally a lawyer, rather than a Judge, with arbitration training and makes the final decision after hearing both sides.

You should always speak to your divorce attorney before deciding which method will work best for your case.