A Tale of Two Christmases

The holidays are a time for everyone to gather together and celebrate. However, if you have children and have recently gone through, or are currently going through a divorce or separation, this can be a challenging time. It’s hard to make a decision on where children should celebrate, how to handle gifts on a single parent budget and how to keep this season happy and bright for them during such a difficult transition.

How to Keep the Season Merry and Bright

Keeping up the holiday spirit is the prime focus for you as a parent to your children. Here are some things to think about that can help you out this time of year:

  • Santa Who: Have you thought about how you are going to handle Christmas morning, whether that means Santa comes to both homes or just to one? How will the gifts be purchased? Parents need to communicate in advance to make sure they are on the same page and to establish consistency for their kids.
  • Use It or Lose It: Technology is a great way to facilitate communication and coordination without losing your head. If one parent is too far away or doesn’t have custody of the children over Christmas, consider having your children open gifts over Skype or Face Time. Returning the favor over another upcoming holiday would make a big difference for the other parent, too!
  • Extended Family: Grandma and grandpas are waiting to see their grandkids, so it’s important to get schedules down so that both sides of the family can see their beloved grandbabies, too!
  • Surviving Solo: If you don’t have the children this Christmas, consider going on a mini vacation to both distract and pamper yourself.
  • What it Means to You: Which holidays mean the most to you? If Christmas is extremely important for both of you, find a way to work it out where you both can see them on Christmas day.
  • Traditions: Do you buy a new ornament each year, do a special gift exchange or go ice skating? Make sure both parents know what you plan to do and how to keep everything consistent, especially so that your children are able to continue the traditions they love.

To reduce drama during the holidays for your children, the key is proactive communication. Coordinate schedules and expectations with your ex and you’ll be on your way to a merry Christmas.

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