5 Things You Should Never Do To Jeopardize Your Divorce Case

As we have seen in the past and in recent divorce cases, spouses will let their emotions get the best of them in the courtroom. Instead of maintaining composure, compromising with their soon-to-be ex-spouse, and listening to their divorce attorney, they end up losing their case due to illogical mistakes. 

Usually divorce clients are seeking advice regarding what to do in a divorce, but today we want to share with you five things you should NEVER do in court that could jeopardize your divorce case.

Five Divorce ‘Never Do’s’:

1. Never panic. Often times before divorce proceedings, you make major decisions and take those actions before you consult with your attorney. Set yourself on the right path and talk to your divorce attorney before you say and do anything.

2. Never contact your ex’s attorney or the Judge. Telling off your ex’s attorney will clearly make you look bad and make the divorce process more complex. Also, there is a formal process to use when dealing with the Court.  Contacting the Judge’s office directly will make you look domineering and intolerant.  Your ex’s lawyer could even use this as evidence against you. You don’t want to run the risk of increasing lawyer’s fees and your case taking longer to resolve.

3. Never throw a fit in court. You will only sabotage your case and make your soon-to-be spouse look better if you have a negative attitude and outlook during legal proceedings.

4. Never threaten. Never blurt out and say vindictive claims like “You will never see your kids again” and “You will lose everything.” Let your divorce attorney and the court handle the arrangements.

5. Never say, “I give up.” It can be too easy to give up and throw in the towel. Stay optimistic and never say “I’ll never give up” or “I’ll never get through this.” With support from family, friends, and full representation from your legal counsel, you will.

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