5 Things Not To Ask Your Kids During A Divorce

While emotions run high during a divorce, it can become even more difficult when kids are involved. While it may not seem like a big deal for you to hide your true feelings about your ex from your kids, it can drastically affect the outcome of child custody during your divorce. Below are 5 things you should never do while going through a divorce.

  • Don’t ask your kids to give your ex a message – You should not involve your kids in the communication process between you and your ex. There are a number of other avenues to take when communicating with your ex instead of asking your child to be in the middle.
  • Don’t ask your kids to lie – Asking your kids to lie about something to the other parent only puts pressure and stress on the child along with making you look bad. It is best to not do anything or say anything you do not want repeated to your ex during your time away from your child.
  • Don’t ask your kids questions about your ex – When your kids come home from staying with your ex don’t drill them with questions about the visit and stay positive about their relationship with your ex.
  • Don’t ask your kids to take sides – Asking your kids to take sides only puts them in a stressful situation and could potentially ruin their relationship with the one of the parents.
  • Don’t ask your kids for advice – Your kids are already going through a difficult time, you should not unload your stress, anger, or hurt onto them anymore. Your kids are not your therapists and you should not discuss your divorce with them.

You should speak to an experienced divorce attorney to fully understand your rights during a divorce.