5 Key Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Finding the right family law attorney to guide you through a divorce is essential.  A good divorce lawyer will strategize on your behalf while walking you through the stressful and legally complex divorce process.  As family law attorneys, our job is to be protective of our clients. A divorce lawyer should be assertive, knowledgeable, and determined to help clients find creative solutions to multifaceted problems.

When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer, Ask these Questions

1) “What type of law do you specialize in?”

An effective divorce lawyer will have expert knowledge of child support, custody, alimony, and spousal support. He or she will also understand the intense dynamics involved in a divorce case, and can help walk clients through the procedures.

2) “How long have you practiced family law? Do you have any certifications or specialties?”

It’s important to understand your divorce lawyer’s background so that you’re able to find a qualified and experienced representative.

3) “Do you recommend collaborative divorce?”

Collaborative divorce can be a wonderful alternative to traditional divorce when handled correctly. Unlike mediation, clients can have their divorce lawyers present for advice during the collaborative process. The process remains positive, respectful, and interest-based while still allowing clients their legal assets.

4) “Who will be working on my case?”

Many practices will allow family law attorneys to support each other on certain cases, but a good family law attorney will understand that divorce is personal, and accessibility is important.

5) “What are your hourly fees?”

While this question may seem awkward, it’s easier to ask up front than to be surprised by a bill.  If you’re on a budget, have an open dialogue before the process begins.

6) “Are you familiar with this jurisdiction?”  

In family law cases, the courts have quite a bit of legal power to decide what is best for the family.  You will want someone who is either familiar, or has a lot of access to those who may be familiar, with how the court will handle your type of case.

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