10 Ways to an Effective Divorce – Understanding the Benefits of Mediation in Georgia

It goes without saying that a divorce can be an extremely messy, and emotionally draining process. Besides the parties directly involved, it can leave a lasting impact on children, friends, and additional family members who may feel as if they are forced to take sides when dealing with the issue.

However, did you know that there are alternatives for going through the lengthy and often arduous process of litigation? Let’s discuss the concept of mediation in Georgia, what it entails, and how this may provide a much better solution for all parties involved when moving towards a permanent separation.

How does Divorce Mediation in the State of Georgia Work?

Divorce mediation in the state of Georgia is a process where the parties involved get together to try to find common ground about the details of the divorce before going before a judge. The couple will discuss potential solutions to common subjects pertaining to divorce such as annulment, child custody, paternity rights, and child or spousal support. Mediation can be extremely beneficial to the divorcees, as it can provide solutions that are mutually agreed upon before relying on a judge to issue a ruling on the case.

Mediation works by hiring a neutral 3rd party to act as an in-between with the individuals involved. After listening to both sides, and details about the case, the mediator will offer independent advice and solutions that adequately address the concerns and needs of both parties. They are encouraged to work together to find a common solution, as opposed to vehemently fighting each other in the court system. This tends to set the groundwork for agreement on a mutually satisfactory divorce decree, as there is usually quite a bit of overlap in their needs.

Mediation for your divorce may be worth exploring

Mediations tend to provide divorcing couples with a cleaner solution, so it is something that should be considered. Generally speaking, statistics have shown that mediation results in better relationships after the process for the parties involved. Most importantly, this tends to hold especially true for the children, since it circumvents a potentially ugly fight in court.

The attorneys at Stearns-Montgomery and Proctor have extensive experience in the mediation process in the state of Georgia. To explore your options for mediation, please contact one of our attorneys today.