10 Ways to an Effective Divorce – Part Two: Your Lawyer is Your Ally

To continue the discussion on increasing your chance of a better outcome in a divorce, our focus will shift to the importance of understanding your lawyer’s role in your divorce case.  Like any other professional, lawyers can be sued also.  Sometimes these cases are justified, as the lawyer did commit an error. Other times individual clients are simply dissatisfied with the outcome of thier particular case.

As a client, it is essential to maintain an open and honest relationship with your lawyer.  This is the only way your lawyer can attempt to accurately assess the probable outcome of your divorce.  Your lawyer is never the final decision maker in your case.  Remember, when you chose to take a settlement, you have agreed to a definitive outcome to the divorce process.

If you go to trial, the judge or jury has the final say.  Regardless of the experience and skill of your family law attorney, there may be certain outcomes of your divorce proceedings that will not result to your liking.  Hiring a talented attorney is the best way to proceed intelligently in your divorce. By retaining counsel to handle the proceedings, you can significantly diminish the chance that you will be surprised by the outcome.