10 Ways to an Effective Divorce – Part One: Plan Ahead

Before getting involved in a divorce there are several steps you can take, as a client, to make the road as smooth as possible. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that divorce, like all legal proceedings, requires careful planning. Luckily, there are some items you can keep in mind while going through the process that can make your dealings with both the court and your lawyer less burdensome.

Divorce can cost significantly more if the process is drawn out, as every item can become an issue of contention. Litigation is the sport of kings. When it comes to the welfare of your children, there is obviously no price tag. But, when it comes to retirement, the marital home, or other assets, it is best to think of the division as a business transaction.

Simple ways to minimize the cost of your divorce

1. Don’t spend a dollar chasing (or protecting) a dime. A simple cost vs. benefit analysis, with the emotion removed, can truly set the stage for a reasonable outcome.

2. Be sure to be honest and forthright up front. Trying to hide assets, or deplete them before your spouse figures it out is a guaranteed way to expend more time and money when the truth of your deceit comes out. Once you are caught, the judge will likely order you to pay the other side’s fees as well.

3. Have a clear goal. By working with your attorney, you can get an educated guess as to what the judge is likely to do in a given situation, resulting in a “reality check” on the law and the facts. This should help you to make a logical decision on that information, rather than simply an argument of “I want it”.