10 Dirty Divorce Tricks To Watch Out For

While we all hope that a divorce ends smoothly and amicably, it doesn’t typically happen that way. Divorce can turn ugly within a heartbeat if you or your spouse seeks revenge and payback. No one can afford to be the victim or the one who commits the acts of dirty divorce tricks. If you’re going through the divorce process, it’s important to not let your emotions get the best of you. As a follow-up from a popular blog entry, we have compiled a list of the top 10 dirty divorce tricks to watch out for during the process:

10 Common Tricks Seen During a Divorce

  1. Playing “Big Brother.” Bugging and recording every move your spouse makes.
  2. Canceling credit cards. Suddenly canceling or maxing out credit cards affecting finances and credit rating of the other spouse.
  3. Clearing out joint bank accounts. Withdrawing all money from joint checking and savings accounts leaving the other spouse in a poor financial position.
  4. Moving away without notice. Moving away to settle your divorce.
  5. Sabotaging a business. Diverting a spouse’s potential new business client to competing businesses because of the divorce thus affecting their reputation and paycheck.
  6. Hiding assets and property. Secretly transferring assets to hidden accounts and hiding property in undisclosed locations.
  7. Damage, destruction, and sale of valuable items. While you were sleeping or away on a business trip, your spouse could have taken your Rolex watch and pawned it.
  8. Refusing mediation and collaborative divorce. Being stubborn and uncooperative and prolonging the process to an effective divorce.
  9. Filing a fake restraining order. Filing a fake restraining order is a spiteful tactic to remove a spouse out of the home as well as a ploy to get custody of your children.
  10. Filing sole custody of your children. Filing sole custody is the ultimate way to hurt the other spouse and one reason to avoid paying child support.

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