Successful Collaborative Divorce in Georgia

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which, if you are going through a divorce, can feel even more difficult and lonely. While it’s easy to juxtapose society’s heavily marketed holiday with your own feelings of sadness and anger, it important to keep your emotions in perspective. Divorce is demanding and it can be very sad, but it does present the opportunity for a fresh start.

Have You Thought About Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce can help with that start. Instead of a drawn-out court trial, collaborative divorce allows for the open exchange of information between parties, and all parties work with the support of their attorneys. Family law attorneys understand that the divorce process is a legal issue, but they also realize that it involves emotional and financial decisions as well. Collaborative divorce provides an opportunity for conversation with a soon-to-be-ex, but parties still benefit from the guidance of their attorneys. 

Collaborative divorce can also keep people from guessing what their spouse and his or her attorney is planning. With an agreement between both the divorce attorneys and the clients to exchange information, collaborative divorce allows for a level of trust in the divorce (even if there wasn’t any trust in the marriage). Parties who feel less suspicious are also able to focus on their broad goals and needs instead of negotiating arbitrarily, or while feeling defensive.

Unlike a traditional divorce, collaborative divorce may begin with both parties deciding what they can agree upon—whether it’s time with the kids, who will stay in the house, etc. These agreements, no matter how small, will often result in positive feelings and a willingness to cooperate. 

If you’re considering a collaborative divorce, contact one of our caring family law attorneys.