Love Is A Battlefield? Try Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is usually the culmination of years of tension, resentment, failed second-chances, disappointment, heart-break, distrust and anger. These emotions are draining, and a damaged marriage can result in years of constant stress.

Often, a person experiences a lifetime of anxiety and grief before they even decide to go through with a divorce… and then litigation beings.

Collaborative divorce is a process that allows families to stay out of court and settle their disputes privately and respectfully.  Unlike mediation, the collaborative divorce process allows clients access to their attorneys during the process, so that everyone in the room has as fair access to professional council and legal information. In a collaborative divorce, all parties agree to stay balanced, positive, and productive.

Staying out of court also keeps children shielded from the divorce process.  In a collaborative divorce, it isn’t necessary for children to testify against their parents. The collaborative divorce process is often much more peaceful than a traditional divorce.

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