Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a common practice in family law that encompasses three main elements: the voluntary and free exchange of information, a pledge not to litigate, and a commitment to resolve issues in the best interest of both parties’ shared goals. This process takes out the situation of being in court, which can be nerve-wracking, but still allows you to feel the comfort of having your attorney help you through the process.

Collaborative divorce does not involve a mediator like in mediation, but instead brings the two parties and their lawyers together to work out any unresolved issues. Collaborative divorce is designed to keep things positive and prevent hatred between the two parties. Once an agreement is reached the lawyers draft the document and both parties sign it when they feel comfortable with the terms of the agreement.

For many parties collaborative divorce proves to be more efficient. You are able to stay in control of the process and outcome as well as focus on the issues that really matter instead of making divorce a battle. If you are considering collaborative divorce speak to your divorce attorney to see if it is right for you.