Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Whether the decision to co-parent is a mutual decision between two parties or its decided by a judge, co-parenting is in the best interest of the children. While it may be hard to put aside bad feelings between you and your ex, it is important to consider what is best for any kids involved and put aside those feelings to work together with your ex. Here are some tips to help you make co-parenting successful.

  • Communicate: While it may seem difficult at times it is important to keep an open, respectful line of communication between you and your ex-spouse. With the advent of emails and text you can easily control your emotions by reviewing your communications before they are sent.  During communication stick with talking about the kids and don’t bring up the past or argue.
  • Consistency: When you are involved in a co-parenting situation the child is spending time with both parents. It is important for both parents to be on the same page when it comes to making important decisions. Try to keep a consistent schedule so the kids know when to expect to see each parent.  
  • Adapting: It is common after a divorce that one or both parties will eventually move on and maybe enter into another relationship. It is important to learn to adapt to any new changes that might arise and help your child adapt as well.  
  • Respect: Respecting each other as parents is extremely important for making co-parenting work. Do not bad mouth the other in front of your kids and don’t use the kids to get information about the other one. If your kids see you can be civil with your ex-spouse it will help them adjust better.

It is important that you review your co-parenting plan with an experienced Georgia divorce lawyer to make sure you didn’t miss anything.