What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

Not all divorces are mutual between the two parties and they can often get heated as emotions run high during the process. A Guardian Ad Litem is often used during divorce cases where the two parties are battling for child custody and making harsh statements about the other parent’s ability to be a proper guardian.

A Guardian Ad Litem is not an attorney that directly represents the child, but instead is brought onto the case to represent the best interest of the child involved. The Guardian Ad Litem will examine the child’s life and produce a report along with recommendations for the Court to take into consideration during the case. A few of the things a Guardian Ad Litem might look at while doing an investigation include:

  • Home Visits
  • Interviews with you and your spouse alone
  • Interviews with any childcare providers
  • Consultations with any teachers
  • Review of medical records

It is important that you discuss the possibility of having a Guardian Ad Litem with your GA divorce attorney at the beginning stages of your divorce.