What to Do When Considering Divorce in Georgia

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Georgia Discovery Process: What to Know for Your Divorce

Beginning a divorce can be intimidating and stressful for all parties. As you start the divorce process, your divorce attorney may introduce you to the concept of “discovery” as a way to obtain pertinent information from the other party. The discovery process enables a party to the lawsuit to request information from the other party […]

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How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Deciding to divorce is a very personal decision, and so is choosing an attorney to help you through that process. If you are uncertain as to how to choose a divorce attorney, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are some specifics you can look for to narrow down your options and will help make the […]

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How to Get a Quick Divorce in Georgia

Getting a quick divorce in Georgia is possible, but it takes some effort and cooperation to make it work. However, if you know how to help move the process along, and both you and your spouse are committed to getting through your divorce quickly, it is possible to have a quicker divorce than it might […]


Can a Divorce Resettlement Be Reopened?

Reopening a divorce settlement is generally not something allowed under Georgia law, but there are exceptions to the rule. Your settlement can be reopened but only in certain cases and under certain conditions. If you feel your settlement is unfair and should be changed or there are extenuating circumstances in your case, reaching out to […]