What Not To Do During A Divorce

Many times you hear about all the things you should do during a divorce case but what about the things you shouldn’t do? While emotions run high during divorce you might not realize some of the small things you are doing could harm or affect the outcome of your divorce case. Here are a few things to keep in mind of what not to do during a divorce:

  • Taking legal advice from friends and family: While your friends and family probably have your best interest at heart they are not lawyers and should not be giving you legal advice during your divorce. Every divorce case is different and you cannot go off another’s experience in court to make your decisions.
  • Being dishonest with your attorney: Lying to your attorney or not fully disclosing all the information that is requested can only harm you during your divorce case. Your attorney must know all the facts so they can properly represent you during the divorce.
  • Making rash decisions based on emotions: While emotions tend to run high during a divorce do not refuse to communicate with your ex during the process. This will only make you look bad in court. You should also never make large monetary decisions quickly or solely based on emotions during a divorce. Consult your attorney if you have any questions before making financial decisions during a divorce.
  • Be uncooperative during court: During your divorce case there might be experts involved that will want to work with you and ask you questions. You should never come off as being uncooperative or rude to these professionals.
  • Settle without fully analyzing the case: Every divorce case is different and the worst thing you can do is settle just for the sake of getting the process over with. There are many factors that go into making child custody decisions as well as alimony and you should understand all the facts before making a decision.

You should always turn to your GA divorce lawyers to answer any questions you may have during divorce so they can properly guide you through the process.