Wigs for Kids

Stacy Johnson, SM&P account manager, has always had long, wavy hair. Having known children who have experienced hair loss through cancer, she knew donating her hair through the Wigs for Kids nonprofit was an easy way to make a difference in a child’s life.

When a child loses their hair, she explains, they don’t just suffer physically. They experience great emotional pain from the extreme change in their appearance, which can significantly harm their self-image and self-esteem.

“You don’t realize how expensive it is for a child to get a wig,” said Stacy, who has been donating since she was 18. “The value of a children’s wig Hair Replacement System is around $1,800.”

Unlike other hair donation programs, Wigs for Kids never charges the family for hairpieces. They rely completely on donations from generous companies, foundations, groups, and individuals like Stacy.

Each prosthesis (wig) is made completely from human hair that is hand-tied with a detailed process. According to Jeffrey Paul, the Wigs for Kids founder, “they won’t come off on the baseball field or playground. Kids can count on them.”

Just like the Wigs for Kids mission, Stacy plans on continuing to help children look themselves and live their lives with confidence and a smile. “It is an easy gift. And, besides,” she said, sharing her own smile, “it will always grow back.”