Three SM&P Attorneys Recognized as 2020 Georgia Legal Elites

For the past 18 years, Georgia Trend magazine has asked the state’s attorneys to decide who among them are the best in their fields and therefore qualified to be named Georgia Legal Elites. Statewide, only one in 20 attorneys earns this distinction. This year, Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor’s Randy Sabatini, Melanie Prehodka, and Anne Thompson De Magan̴̴a were chosen by their colleagues to be recognized as three of the state’s finest, members of the 2020 Georgia Legal Elite.

According to Mary Montgomery, SM&P’s founding and managing partner, it is no surprise that these attorneys were recommended by their peers as 2020 Georgia Legal Elite attorneys. “I have the opportunity every day to see the caliber of work they are doing,” she said. “I have to brag that while, within the state, five percent of attorneys are awarded this prestigious honor, within our firm, 23 percent have earned it. This reflects well on everyone here – it’s a great accomplishment.”

Randy, a partner at the firm, explains why Mary feels the recognition is a source of pride to the entire staff. “No one works in isolation here. We all contribute, in little and big ways, to each other’s success.”

This is Melanie’s second time to be chosen as a Legal Elite. She agrees with Randy about the value of cooperation among the staff. “Because our team works so well together, sharing expertise and ideas, each attorney benefits and excels, as do their clients,” she said. 

No one was surprised that Anne was chosen. “She gives her all,” said Mary. “But people like that often don’t even realize they are exceptional. It’s just normal for them.”

“I’m proud to be selected in the company of so many great lawyers, many of whom I have looked up to and learned from over the years,” Anne said. “I want to give a special shout out to my entire team, who all contributed to help make this possible.”

Georgia Legal Elite received nominations from almost 2,000 attorneys representing 16 practice areas from all regions of the state. Those receiving the most votes are listed in the December 2020 issue of Georgia Trend in the categories in which their fellow attorneys chose them, although some may practice in more than one area.

Congratulations, Randy, Melanie, and Anne!