Super Bowl LVII

The firm brightened the dreariness of mid-February by having staff dress in their favorite teams’ colors in anticipation of the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. The Friday before the big game, Kaelyn Pruett, HR assistant, encouraged everyone to wear the jerseys or colors of the NFL teams toward which they feel the most loyalty

Several of the SM&P team watched the game. They were joined by millions more around the nation. The event was deemed the third most-watched show ever. Some folks tuned in for the game, while others clicked on to enjoy the half-time show.

“It was hard to find members of the staff who were full-time Chiefs or Eagles fans,” said Victoria Turney, client relations director. But for attorney Tim Orange, it was nice to see there were five Chiefs and two Eagles with Georgia ties. They are, he said, Orlando Brown, OL, Chiefs (Peachtree Ridge), Harrison Butker, K, Chiefs (Westminster), Malik Herring, DE, Chiefs (Mary Persons), Jerick McKinnon, RB, Chiefs (Sprayberry), Trey Sermon, RB, Eagles (Sprayberry), Darius Slay, CB, Eagles (Brunswick), and Jaylen Watson, CB, Chiefs (Laney).

So, some in the office did choose a team to root for. Audrey Bergner, training and development manager, supported the Eagles. “I am not an NFL gal,” she said. “But I will always support Alabama players no matter where they play. Roll Tide is in my blood!”

If their NFL team wasn’t in the bowl, people seemed to have the darndest reasons for picking a team. “I lived in Philly, so will root for them,” Victoria said. Kali Parker, legal assistant, didn’t have a favorite, but if she had to pick a team, she hadn’t forgotten that her first roommate was raised in Philadelphia.

Account Manager Chantel Owens, (a Bengals and Giants fan) also supported the Eagles. “I’m a bit tired of the Chiefs,” she said laughing. She likes the Eagles Quarterback, Jalen Hurts. “In past years, he had taken a lot of ribbing about his playing, and I had hoped it was his time.”

Attorney Dominic Jones said he didn’t have a dog in the fight but was just hoping for a good game. Fellow attorney Tim Orange was in total agreement.

“The game was great!” said Dominic. “Very competitive and a good performance by both the Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, and the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. I was surprised that the Chiefs’ offense was able to overcome what I thought was the best defense in the league in the Eagles. It was also a gutsy performance from Patrick Mahomes due to his high ankle sprain. I believe that this Super Bowl win cemented his legacy as one of the great Quarterbacks of our time.”

For many, watching the game is a family affair. Attorney Carly Shore hunkered down with her family to take in the action. Baby Harrison, according to his mother, Carly, “was just in it for the snacks and the commercials.” He’s not alone in that respect. “The one that stood out to me,” she said, “was the Amazon commercial with the dog who is tearing everything up until they get him a puppy friend. So cute!” She then added that Ben Affleck’s Dunkin commercial was great, too.

Carly’s husband won a couple of family side bets on the game. Whether betting on if there would be a successful two-point conversion at some point in the game or that there wouldn’t be any points in the first six minutes, according to Carly, he barely finished an overall winner.

The over-the-top Super Bowl halftime show is always an attraction for both football fans and music enthusiasts. Chantel enjoyed the performance, and Melanie Frazier, with the employee and client relations department, noted Rhianna’s pregnancy reveal was a surprise. “I enjoyed her performance,” she said.

Congrats to both teams for a game well played!